Welcome From Head of School Virginia Paik...

virginia_paik_welcomeAt Live Oak School we understand that the best learning happens when students are actively engaged in the process—thinking deeply, exploring ideas, and trying on strategies for solving problems. Our approach is deeply rooted in the progressive tradition, centered on the students that fill our classrooms, and informed by the opportunities that will define our graduates’ lives in the twenty-first century.

Eagerly arriving at our gates every morning, our students provide a daily reminder of our mission to support the potential and promise of each of them. In a joyful community where they are known well, students are comfortable advocating for themselves and others, seeking new perspectives, and taking the healthy risks that result in deep and lasting learning. We recognize that students bring a wealth of experiences, backgrounds, talents, abilities, and interests to school each day, and that they learn in a variety of ways. Embracing this diversity, our faculty designs a rich and challenging academic program that is relevant to the community and responsive to each student.

A Live Oak education teaches children to recognize and relish opportunities for learning, to build relationships that result in new perspectives, and to act with integrity in the ongoing decisions that define their lives. I invite you to visit Live Oak to see our school in action. You will witness the curiosity, creativity, insight, and expression that can be found in a school that expects all children to wonder, reach, think, and learn.


Virginia Paik
Head of School