Multicultural Approach Live Oak is committed to providing an education that furthers students' understanding of themselves and others in a society comprising many cultures, perspectives, stories, histories, and visions.

ms_girls_fingerpaint_artIn order to fully participate in the school community and the world beyond it, students must understand themselves and the perspectives of others. A strong and positive self-identity — one that includes a sense of belonging in a community and connectedness to others within it — allows them to understand, appreciate, and celebrate the distinct and different perspectives in their world. Live Oak students learn how to:

  • interact, negotiate, and ask questions
  • appreciate and integrate many perspectives
  • seek out many perspectives in order to better understand their world

Multicultural Approach in Action

Live Oak’s curriculum supports the goals of a multicultural approach by:

  • allowing students to reflect on their experiences, beliefs, and goals
  • introducing students to perspectives not their own
  • hosting open discussion about issues of bias and stereotype that arise in the community
  • staging school-wide assemblies that give all students the common experience of celebrating diverse perspectives
  • facilitating affinity groups for students and families sharing common identities to explore those identities in their current and historical context