Applicant Appointments Live Oak's admissions process includes a parent interview and a student visit.


Parent Interview

All applicant parents meet for a 20-minute interview with a member of the Live Oak admissions team. The interview is an opportunity for parents to share their perspective on their child, to discuss what they are seeking in a school, and to ask any questions they may have about Live Oak. Parents are contacted about scheduling upon receipt of the application. For interview timeframe see Admissions > Important Dates.

Student Visit

A structured visit allows us to get to know the applicant student, to determine readiness and appropriateness of the student for our program, and for the student to find out more about Live Oak School. We offer different types of student visits, appropriate for the applicants’ age and developmental level.


Applicants to kindergarten attend a group visit with other applicant children in January. During the 1-1/2 to 2-hour visit, Live Oak teachers and administrators get to know your child in a classroom setting, and assess readiness and appropriateness for our program. During the visit, applicant parents are invited to stay at Live Oak for refreshments and to chat with current Live Oak parents. Parents are contacted about scheduling upon receipt of the application.

First through Fifth, Seventh and Eighth Grades

The applicant student attends a school day and participates in the regular class activities of his or her current grade. Applicants to first, second, or third grade spend the morning only in class. Part of the visit includes individual time with the teacher or our learning specialist to assess academic skills. Parents are contacted about scheduling upon receipt of the application if we anticipate a possible opening in the grade.

Sixth Grade

All applicants to 6th grade are required to spend a half day on a Saturday meeting our middle school teachers and other applicant students. Students engage in a variety of social, academic, and group work activities as our faculty get to know them better and assess their appropriateness for our program. Parents are contacted about scheduling upon receipt of the application. Sixth grade applicants may also choose to attend an optional shadow day at Live Oak so they can experience a full school day. Applicants have the choice of spending the day in our 5th grade class, to meet their potential classmates, or in our 6th grade, to experience a middle school day and meet 6th grade teachers. Once an application is received, parents may request and schedule the shadow visit.