Fifth Grade Language Arts

READING FOCUS: Reader’s Workshop framework for delving deeply and comprehending diverse informational, historical, and fantasy texts. READING SKILLS: Independently apply reading strategies; develop vocabulary through wide reading; analyze and interpret fiction and nonfiction; respond creatively to show understanding of text; select literary forms and genres for appropriate purpose, including research. WRITING FOCUS: Short stories; expository writing; speeches. WRITING SKILLS: Effectively communicate, learn, teach, document, and create through various verbal forms; use multi-step writing process for fiction and non-fiction projects; develop writing traits (ideas and content, organization, word choice, fluency, language conventions, voice, presentation); explore purpose of English language spelling and grammatical conventions; apply conventions in context; evaluate and revise writing for meaning, focus and organization. LISTENING & SPEAKING SKILLS: Share and develop ideas during class discussions; synthesize multiple points of view; actively listen and share in small group meetings; organize ideas before speaking. HIGHLIGHT: Write and deliver a 5th grade graduation speech to the lower school.