Fifth Grade Spanish

Cultural Goals: To be aware of the importance and usefulness of learning Spanish as a second language. To begin to acknowledge the cultural diversity that exists among Spanish-speaking countries. Understand basic geography (where Spanish-speaking countries are located.) Communication, Reading, & Writing Goals: Students will further develop their listening and verbal skills. They will expand their vocabulary range, as well as the necessary skills to be able to communicate orally in Spanish. Students will recognize, understand, and articulate sounds of vowels and consonants from the alphabet in Spanish. Students will know how to count in Spanish from 1 to 30. Students will write basic sentences to describe situations. Students will write short, original stories. Students will read aloud and translate text. Content: the school, food, ordering and offering food, days of the week, months of the year, types of weather and the seasons, extended family members, parts of a house, and basic places in a city. Grammar: definite and indefinite articles, personal pronouns, introducing third persons, masculine, feminine, singular, plural, basic verb conjugation (regular verbs in present tense), common adverbs and prepositions.