Fourth Grade Language Arts

Reading Focus: Reader’s Workshop framework, literature circles, class read aloud books, independent reading, social studies research. Reading Skills: Reading grade-level narrative and expository text independently and fluently, understanding and learning from texts, discussing texts by making connections with experience and other texts; recognizing and identifying story components and making inferences; expanding ideas, knowledge, and vocabulary by reading; summarizing and explaining what has been read. Writing Focus: Writing notebook, personal narratives, poetry, personal essays, research writing. Writing Skills: Identify and implement the steps of the writing process to write fiction and non-fiction that focuses on a central idea or message in appropriate style and voice; use and understand sentences and paragraphs; use capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, agreement, and complex sentences in writing; spell previously-studied words and words that follow regular patterns; use resources to spell unknown words accurately; evaluate and revise writing to enhance clarity, detail and organization; use description, comparisons and details to create imagery; gather and organize information for research writing; use of cursive handwriting. Listening & Speaking Skills: Listen attentively, retell components of stories in sequence, highlight main ideas; differentiate between fact and opinion; use presentation to influence listener; lead whole class and small group discussions; organize ideas before speaking; choose appropriate vocabulary for audience. Highlight: Fort Ross Animal Research Project, 1969 Historical Digest.