Second Grade Language Arts

Reading Concepts: Develop a rich reading life, deepen comprehension through discussion and writing about reading, reading identities. Reading Skills: Make book choices that support independent thinking and personal interest, read independently for extended periods of time, identify and study story elements, use text in discussions to ask thoughtful questions or support theories, make inferences and predictions that reflect deep comprehension, apply appropriate strategies for understanding informational texts. Decode multisyllabic words, analyze the structure of words, new vocabulary acquisition, read aloud fluently and expressively.
Writing Concepts: Develop rich writing life, personal narratives, poetry, nonfiction writing. Writing Skills: Brainstorm and develop ideas, plan before writing, move through the writing process, consider audience, revision strategies, include details that help develop meaning, edit for spelling and punctuation, illustrate to delight an audience, conduct research, mastery of print handwriting. Listening + Speaking Skills: Listen to gain information and for pleasure, follow multi-step directions, stay on topic in conversation and contribute relevant information, speak with detail and in complex sentences, use of formal and informal language for appropriate purpose – to inform, give directions, or entertain. Highlights: Publishing parties, book clubs, poetry assembly.