Seventh Grade Social Studies

Course content is interdisciplinary with language and literacy. This is a world history survey class that focuses heavily on a study of belief systems. FOCUS: Regions: Korea, West Africa, Europe and the Holocaust. CONCEPTS: Identity, Communism, Capitalism, Democracy, Imperialism, Anti-Semitism, Borders, Conflict, and White Supremacy. ROUTINES: Geography investigations, thinking routines, critical thinking activities, note-taking, research, experiential activities, vocabulary studies, use of primary sources, assuming multiple perspectives, identifying recurrent themes and patterns that connect the units. TEXTS: “History Alive,” “Sundiata,” “Holocaust and Human Behavior,” “Race and Membership,” “Decision-Making in Times of Injustice,” “Conflict on the Korean Peninsula,” “The History of Korea” (Djun Kil Kim), “Instrok module” (Korea Foundation), “Abina and the Important Men,” “The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai,” “Scramble for Africa” (Al Jazeera), “Race: The Power of Illusion,” “Captives as Commodities,” PROJECTS: Mapping, Research Essays, Time Travelers Journal, Postcards to Home, and Historic Re-enactment.