Sixth Grade Art

Sixth through eighth grades share a three year rotation program that builds an awareness of and excitement about existing imagery and sculpture. Focus Examples: 19th and 20th century artists and styles, Basquiat expressive symbolism portraiture, Ruscha perspective study, Marisol clay sculpture, van Gogh color study and texture drawing, Close portraiture and abstraction, Saar found object and wood sculpture shadowboxes, Haring collaborative murals, Noguchi akari lanterns and 3D sculpture, Warhol cylinder, cube, color, and design study, Calder’s Circus and mobiles, study of Voduo and effigies. Routines: sketchbook practice, Surprise Bag Draw (drawing hidden objects from touch), favorite object draw. Skills: materials manipulation: wire, wood, clay, fabric, soft sculpture, printing, design and planning, drawing.