Sixth Grade Science

FOCUS: Environmental science: River formation and the effects of rivers on Earth’s landscape including erosion, weathering, deposition, and the formation of soil; botany (plant structure and function, photosynthesis) and the role of plants in the cycles of matter; how water carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen move throughout the environment; ecology, energy, and natural resources including how energy and resources are used, moved and exchanged in the environment; climate change and the causes, correlations, and impacts of a changing climate; human impact on the environment and conservation of resources. PROCESS + SKILLS: Observation and synthesis of data in order to draw clearly supported conclusions; use of hands-on laboratory experiences and projects to analyze the natural world and realize the role of scientists in science and the environment; becoming safe and productive participants in a science lab; keeping detailed lab journals with clear observations, questions, and evidence-based conclusions; investigating science developments in grade appropriate news stories through personal science blogs. HIGHLIGHT: End of year culminating Environmental Changemaker Project.