Third Grade Language Arts

Reading Focus: Reader’s Workshop framework, nonfiction reading, character study, comprehension skills, book clubs. Reading Skills: Self-monitor for meaning and self-correct while reading; analyze parts of words, structure of words, and context to read unfamiliar words; read fluently with expression; analyzing story/text; writing about reading; nonfiction reading for information and note taking; digging deep into a character to understand his/her motivations; discuss literature with peers. Writing Focus: Who Are We As Writers?; creative writing and nonfiction; using authors as mentors; using perspective and culture to enhance stories; and paragraph writing. Writing Skills: Independently manage the writing process, focusing on developing ideas, revising and editing own work, responding to revisions; organizing writing for clarity using complex sentences and paragraphing; using punctuation including quotation marks, commas, and apostrophes; adjusting writing style for different purposes; using strong and creative leads in writing; using descriptive language to enhance writing; spelling previously-studied words and words that follow regular patterns; applying knowledge of root words and word parts, representing each sound, to spell unfamiliar words; following a structure to gather and organize information into a research report; begin use of cursive handwriting. Listening & Speaking Skills: Listen attentively focusing on speaker; follow multi-step directions; analyze and interpret what is heard; ask specific questions to clarify understanding; use precise language and vocabulary to express ideas.