Social Emotional Learning

Kindergarten Social Emotional Learning

FOCUS: Becoming a thoughtful member of the Live Oak community.

CONCEPTS: Building social strategies that help in new situations and in expressing new ideas; creating new friendships; using “I” statements and cooperative problem solving; being able to work independently as well as part of a group.

SKILLS: Developing confidence in social situations; being able to articulate needs and interests to others; respecting peers, adults, and materials.

First Grade Social Emotional Learning

FOCUS: FOCUS: Friendship and building identity as a learner and as a member of a community.

SKILLS: Building self-confidence; taking initiative and learning self-direction in the classroom; sustaining attention to work; developing personal interest in learning and flexibility in problem solving; building cooperative skills in whole class, small group and partner work; conflict resolution and negotiation skills; developing a sense of personal responsibility for self and environment.

Second Grade Social Emotional Learning

CONCEPTS: Communication and action, understanding our thinking, relationships, peacemaking strategies/conflict resolution.

SKILLS: Collaboratively determine standards for classroom communication and action, establish personal goals and indicators, demonstrate personal reflection, recognize and nurture individual values, internalize a systems approach to the learning process, personalize and apply strategies for peaceful communication and conflict resolution.

Third Grade Social Emotional Learning

FOCUS: Personal responsibility.

SKILLS: Self-advocacy as a learner; self-reliance; independence; flexibility in problem solving; empathy; becoming a peer mediator for conflict resolution.

Fourth Grade Social Emotional Learning

FOCUS: Collaboration and interdependence.

SKILLS: Working productively in teams across all areas of the curriculum, solving social conflicts, balancing assertiveness with generous compromise, and communicating ideas effectively with classmates.

Fifth Grade Social Emotional Learning

FOCUS: Kindness, community, and leadership.

SKILLS: Use mindful speech and actions to promote joyful industry and social inclusivity in the learning community; negotiate personal interest and the interest of the group; listen to understand others’ perspectives; participate in individual and class initiatives to contribute to the community as leaders of the lower school.

HIGHLIGHT: Weekly participation in the St. Gregory’s Food Pantry.

Sixth Grade Social Emotional Learning

FOCUS: Self, diversity and difference, leadership, decision-making. Students focus on building self-awareness including understanding of one’s emotional self, how to take care of one’s self, knowing and expressing personal boundaries, how to make independent contributions to a community, how to resolve conflicts and how to effectively communicate ideas and advocate for oneself.

Seventh Grade Social Emotional Learning

FOCUS: Self and Community, Diversity and Difference, Leadership, Decision Making. Students focus on building healthy relationships in a community, expressing oneself in emotional relationships, making choices, understanding other’s perspectives and perceptions, and responding to community values. Students explore their role as mentors to younger members of the community, examining stereotypes and bullying in the community and the ways in which they can model positive relationships.

Eighth Social Emotional Learning

FOCUS: Self and society, diversity and difference, leadership, social justice. Students examine their role in the school and in the larger world and how to effect change. Areas of focus include: activism, lobbying, and community service. Students take on service projects on a variety of levels. Students examine the positive results of active participation in society versus the consequences of complacency and ignorance.