20-21 School Year Planning

September Update for School Reopening

September 10, 2020

On Tuesday,  September 8, the San Francisco Department of Public Health announced that improvements in local health conditions have led them to lift the orders that required the closure of school campuses for inperson instruction, as long as public health conditions remain stable. They also indicated an interest in a phased reopening of K-12 schools over the next 6 weeks, beginning with elementary grades, then middle grades, and finally high schools. 

The directive from SFDPH changes Live Oak’s community conditions metric to a Level 3 and we are now preparing  to implement Tree House, a program for our students that blends the best of School from Home with part-time on campus instruction. In order for Live Oak to implement this change, our Prevention and Mitigation Plans, our schedules for a phased campus reopening, our students’ weekly  schedules, and our site readiness need to be reviewed and approved by SFDPH. We have set this process in motion by submitting health and safety plans that reflect SFDPH guidelines and center our guiding principles. If our plans are approved, Live Oak students in grades K-3 would  begin a part time return to campus the week of September 29.  Fourth and fifth graders would have their first day on campus the week of October 5.  In the following three weeks, we would implement a phased, part-time, inperson return of our middle school students. When granted approval for reopening, we will be able to share more details about daily and weekly schedules, including arrival and dismissal schedules. 

We are grateful for the quality of the School from Home program that has been designed and delivered  by our Live Oak faculty to start the 20-21 school year. We see our students building relationships, engaging in purposeful work, and contributing wisdom to our world! Tree House, a program that blends School from Home with inperson instruction will help us to realize the best of both worlds!