Faculty & Staff

Faculty at Live Oak School nurture a lifelong passion for learning and are selected for the effectiveness of their practice and their commitment to the continued development of their craft. We rely heavily on our teachers’ expertise as they develop curricular experiences that respond to students’ interests, abilities, and learning styles. Our faculty are exceptional role models for our students as they approach their work with enthusiasm, creativity, and curiosity.

Booka Alon
Garden and Nutrition Program Manager
Antonio Ampie
Facilities Manager
Michelle Andelman
Seventh Grade Humanities Teacher
Jenny Andrus
Keren Bein
Second Grade Teacher
Roslyn Benjamin
Assistant Head of School
Liz Berliant
Fifth Grade Teacher
Sharyne Beza
First Grade Teacher
Nghiem Bui
Dean of Student Life
Malika Carter
Sixth Grade Humanities Teacher & Director of Curriculum Design and Development
Neil Cashman
Sixth Grade Math & Science Teacher
Minerva Ceron
Second Grade Teacher
Mary Ann Chin Ng
Director of Learning Services
Camilo Coelho
Spanish Teacher
Marcia Colant
Middle School Counselor
Josephine Corlett
Second Grade Teacher
Mandy Decker
Sixth Grade Math Teacher
Jean DeWitt
Fourth Grade Teacher
Wil Dionisio
Art Teaching Assistant and Physical Education Teacher
Jordan Drosd
Fourth Grade Teacher
Holly Dunn
Third Grade Teacher
Lisa Duque
Fifth Grade Teacher
Jessica Fuller
Fifth Grade Teacher
Johnny Galang
First Grade Teacher
Rachel Garlin
Community Co-Writer
John Gaudino
Kindergarten Teacher
Tracey Gersten
Director of Admissions
Arleigh Giroux
Eighth Grade Humanities Teacher
Eric Gladstone
Fourth Grade Teacher
Liza Gleason
Instructional Coach
Shannon Gomez
Second Grade Teacher
Linda Greiff
Art Assistant
Sarah Guerra
Assistant Director of Extended Care
Savannah Guinn
Admissions Associate
Francisca Guzman
Communications and Fundraising Manager
Roz Hague-Foster
Music Teacher
Naomi Hamburger
Fifth Grade Teacher
Yvonne Hendricks
Lower School Counselor
Keith Hodge
Director of Building Services
Addie Johnson
Kindergarten Teacher
Kendall Jones
Kindergarten Teacher
Alayna Kramer
First Grade Teacher
Dionysia Loufas
Third Grade Teacher
Ruby Navarro MacDonald
Advancement Manager & Employment Resources Manager
Laura Manion
Eighth Grade Math and Program Leader
Renata Martin
Sixth Grade Humanities Teacher
Dorothy Martinez
Extended Care Director
Luis Martinez
Kendra Mastain
Director of Development
Melissa McAvoy
Amy Meyers
Music Assistant
Lesley Miyagawa
Third Grade Teacher
Vanessa Neumann
Director of Administration
Karen Olson
Middle School Learning Specialist
Virginia Paik
Head of School
Erik Paxman
Director of Finance and Operations
Marcus Payne
PE Teacher
Emma Peat
Middle School Head
Edward Pertcheck
Seventh Grade Math Teacher
Jill Pierce
Music Teacher
Brenda Raffaelli
Spanish Teacher
Misha Reyes
Fourth Grade Teacher
Robbie Smiley
PE Teacher and Athletic Director
Audrey Soriano
Kindergarten Teacher
Jaime Spray
First Grade Teacher
Adrian Takyi
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Max Tarcher
Learning Specialist
Michelle Taylor
Third Grade Teacher
Stephanie Temple
Drama Teacher
Cathleen Tinder
Seventh & Eighth Grade Science Teacher
José Trujillo
Lower School Art Teacher
Mateo Vanholland
Technology Assistant
Scott Wilber
Art Teacher
Nicole Zaheed
First Grade Teacher
Carlos Zerzan
Spanish Teacher