The Board of Trustees are fiduciaries of the school, acting as stewards of the school’s mission, resources, and strategic priorities. The Board’s primary responsibilities include ensuring the school’s long-term financial health, developing a long-term strategic framework in collaboration with the Head of School and school constituencies, and hiring, supporting, and evaluating the Head of School. The Board approves the annual operating budget, takes a leadership role in fundraising, and participates in planning and maintaining the school’s physical plant.

Board of Trustees

Matt Babler

Sara Bahat

Rachel Bernstein

Neil Cashman

Stacey Delo, PGA Chair

Regina Eberhart

Ajay Gopal

Phil Gutierrez

Shaharazad Hamidi

Hanmin Lee

Michael Linn

Brenda McConathy

Crystal Mickles, Chair

Nancy Bush O’Callaghan

Karen Olson

Virginia Paik, Head of School

Gina Patterson

Tesha Poe

Jack Poindexter

Voltaire Villanueva

Drew Williamson