Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission, Vision, & Values


Live Oak School supports the potential and promise of each student. We provide a strong academic foundation, develop personal confidence and the ability to collaborate with others, inspire students to act with compassion and integrity, and nurture a passion for learning to last a lifetime.


To know a child well is Live Oak School’s vision and the responsibility of the entire Live Oak community—faculty, parents, and the students themselves.

  • We know children well so we can teach them well, providing access and challenge for all students.
  • We know them well so they can bring their whole selves – all aspects of their identity – to school so they can be comfortable at school to take the risks that result in real learning.
  • We know them well so they can know themselves well, and grow into people who can advocate for themselves and for others.
  • A rich curriculum that provides access and challenge for every student, supporting deep thinking, self-expression, and new perspectives.
  • An inclusive school community that explores and appreciates the differences that define us as individuals.
  • Empathy in our personal relationships to encourage responsibility and integrity in our actions.
  • Joy and humor—In this, we find the willingness to learn from mistakes, the desire to take healthy risks, and the curiosity of childhood.
Non Discrimination Pledge

Live Oak School actively cultivates an environment that reflects diversity of culture, race, gender identity, socio-economics, family structure, and beliefs.