Tours & Open Houses

Tours & Open Houses

We look forward to meeting you and your family this admission season! Information about all steps in the 2021-22 admissions season, including reservation for events, is available on Live Oak’s Ravenna Hub beginning in August.

In-person tours are done for the season. You can find recordings of our virtual information sessions our our Ravenna Hub.

Campus Tours

The first step in the Live Oak School admission process is a tour. This year, on-campus tours will be available for inquiring families who can provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. In-person tours are approximately two hours long and provide an opportunity to see teaching and learning in action during the school day. For families who cannot attend an in-person tour for any reason, we will also offer “Learning Live Oak” events over Zoom at a variety of times. Recordings of these events will also be available. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend either an in-person or virtual session  before submitting an application. Reservations are required.

Teacher Panel Open House (for Adults)

Our Teacher Panel Open House will take place in the evening on Zoom. It will provide an opportunity to learn directly from our faculty in-depth about an aspect of our teaching practice. The topic changes every year and features a panel of faculty members spanning kindergarten through middle school. This event provides insight into the expertise and intentionality of our teachers and our teaching.

Recordings of this year’s teacher panels and curriculum showcases are below.

Curriculum Showcase #1

Curriculum Showcase #2

Middle School Open House

For middle school applicants and their parents, this event gives students and their parents a chance to experience our classes and to meet our teachers. Participants will get a glimpse into our program, which balances academics, arts, and foreign language. Details about this year’s Middle School Open House will be coming soon.

Whole Family Open House

The Whole Family Open House is just as it sounds–a chance for the whole family to visit Live Oak together. Taking place on a Saturday, the Whole Family Open House is a self-guided tour through our campus, where prospective families can see classrooms up close, as well as spend time and chat with teachers across grade levels. Several administrators will also be present to offer insight into different aspects of Live Oak. Families in which all eligible members of the household have received a COVID-19 vaccine are welcomed to attend this in-person event.

Using Ravenna Hub

To begin the admissions process, use Ravenna to Explore and/or Apply. If you already have an account with Ravenna, please use the same login information. There is no need to create a separate account.

  • Explore will enable you to learn more about our school before applying. You can view upcoming admission events and details on steps in the admission process. You may choose to apply at any point during the process.
  • Apply will enable you to view, register for events, and access required forms for the application process. Please note that we do not provide tours to families prior to the application year for which they are eligible, although they may attend Open House events. All applicants for kindergarten 2022 must be five years of age by September 1, 2022.